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Inissia: Brewtiful Machines, Small Galleys

by Eva Seelye

Inissia by Nespresso // $199.00

In the market for a coffee maker that requires almost zero effort and fits in compact places while maintaining a full-bodied taste? Believe it or not, it exists. Check out Inissia – Nespresso’s smallest coffee machine. Weighing in at only 5.3 lbs. at 4.7” by 12.6” by 9”, this tiny machine is perfect for any tight galley.

Nespresso InissiaSmall, efficient, and designed to deliver perfect results every time, it may be time to replace your French press with this two-button caffeine machine. If you’re new to the Nespresso lifestyle, secure your halyard because the array of capsule choices will have you flying ahead full sail. From limited edition to “Intenso” and “Pure Origin” to “Lungo,” the choices are plenty and the taste is always delightful. To make your search a little easier, refine it by choosing your intensity level, cup size, and aromatic profile to fit your desires.

Grab your cup, choose your capsule, and tap one of the two programmable buttons – complete with automatic flowstop – for a delicious cup of joe in under a minute. The Nespresso extraction system heats water to the ideal temperature in only 25 seconds. Just push the button and let the magic happen — it’s as easy as coffee gets. The water tank holds up to 0.7 L, the used capsule container holds 11, and the pressure is 19 bars.

If you’re not a morning person, and can’t think past sipping down that delicious drink, much less turning the device off, don’t worry! Your Inissia will automatically switch off after nine minutes. The nine-minute shut off time also results in a small footprint, meeting the Energy Efficiency Class A standards.

Check out nespresso.com for more details or to order online, priced at $199.00.

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