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by NWY Staff

Garmin InReach Explorer // $449.99

The Garmin InReach Explorer is a satellite two-way text communication device made for those who want to leave the beaten trail and be their own pathfinder, while giving themselves and their families peace of mind.

Navigation, communication, and SOS services are all features of the Explorer, which uses the Iridium satellite network to stay connected anywhere a conventional cellphone would be well out of range of a cell tower.

The Explorer allows you to exchange text messages with another Explorer in the field or any cellphone or e-mail address in the world, while GPS tracking lets your family and friends follow your progress with preset waypoints.

The device also provides GPS map guidance with a topography map, plus a built-in barometric altimeter, accelerometer, and compass. Weather reports are also at your fingertips with the standard and premium weather packages offered by Garmin. GEOS, a leading emergency response solution, handles any SOS sent by an Explorer. If you want to explore farther than you ever have, while staying in contact, think about the Garmin InReach Explorer, available from garmin.com for $449.99, plus subscription.

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