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Key Keeping Kit

by NWY Staff

Keysmart Compact EDC Kit / $60.00

You use your keys every day, but they aren’t always easy to handle or organized. Huckberry comes to the rescue with a modular everyday carry (EDC) tool that tidies and secures your keys — and more. Using high quality components from the Keysmart line, Huckberry offers a compact carry system featuring a knife, a dual-function screwdriver and a multi-tool, plus your keys.

Key Keeping KitYour Keysmart chassis can be modified to suit your needs—add or remove any of the Keysmart products using the included extenders and spacers. Huckberry even includes paracord for a custom lanyard. Folding to just 4.5 in., the Compact EDC Kit also includes a scoring tool, four wrenches, a bottle opener, pry tool, and hex bit driver, leaving room for two to three keys in addition to the kit tools. Your keys fold neatly into the chassis when not in use, reducing chaos, clutter and clatter.

Order your Compact EDC Kit from Huckberry at huckberry.com for about $60.00. Check out all the useful kit accessories available at getkeysmart.com.

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