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Lehr: Runnin’ Clean and Lean

by Evin Moore

Lehr’s Propane Outboard // $1059.99 – 4,295.00

Lehr Propane Outboard

There was a time when an outboard motor left you deaf in one ear and choking on smoke. Those days are over with advances in outboard technology and new fuel sources. While electric outboards are growing in popularity, there is another option for boaters that want the power of a gasoline outboard, with the lighter carbon footprint of an electric: the propane outboard from Lehr.

The latest propane outboards from Lehr, (the first manufacturer to offer a propane outboard) come in a range of horsepower; 2.5 hp, 5 hp, 9.9 hp, 15 hp, and 25 hp. Propane burns cleaner than gasoline, contains 95% less carcinogens than gas, and is domestically produced. When propane burns, it releases 1/50 the pollution that gasoline does. The cleaner burning means less internal residue build-up. The fuel comes in a self-contained, easy-to-change, canister; this design lets you customize your fuel needs. Fuel your outboard with something as small as a 16 oz. camping bottle or something as large as a 37 lb. composite tank. The self-contained design of propane tanks means you’ll never have to slosh and spill gasoline on your deck ever again, nor will you have to worry about water in your fuel.

Propane is pressurized, meaning propane outboards are easier to start than traditional gas models, and they do not require choking the engine.

Without gasoline, long-term storage is a piece of cake. There are only a few drawbacks to a propane outboard; the fact that they are relatively new means fuel can be harder to come by than gasoline. The marina may not necessarily have what you need. In that same vein, qualified service and repair can be harder to find, so you’ll need to stay on top of basic maintenance. If you’re in the market for an outboard, and want to try something new, check out the Lehr propane outboard motor. The 2.5 hp model weighs 37 lbs. and starts at $1,059.99, while the 25 hp weighs in at 172 lbs. and starts at $4,295.00. All other models are somewhere in between. Visit golehr.com for more information and specs.

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