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LilliPad Diving Board

by NWY Staff

LilliPad Diving Board

Almost everyone gets into boating for one reason: fun. And sometimes along the way, between paying to fix another broken you-name-it and a few bad docking passes, we forget that. So why not get something for your boat to remind you that doing a backflip into the water is really what it’s all about.

The diving boards from LilliPad Marine can be installed onto nearly any boat longer than 18 feet, long as it has a solid flat surface to mount the system on. Pontoons, motor yachts, and cabin cruisers with built-in swim steps are ideal for the LilliPad. Unlike traditional diving boards, the LilliPad board does not flex, but instead propels the diver with urethane springs built into the frame of the platform. Boat decks are safe from excessive pressure as the force from the spring is absorbed by the frame of the LilliPad. The diving board has a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds and comes with a pin that can adjust the strength of the internal spring.

Boat owners can easily remove the LilliPad for winter boat storage by unscrewing the three eye bolts that keep the frame secure to the deck. The board then breaks down into three pieces for storage in a protective board cover. A safety rail on one side of the board provides stability while climbing and a quick release pin is needed to activate the board, which ensures the board can’t be used until the captain has positioned the boat in at least 15 feet of water. If you want to turn your boat into the best place to hang out on the water this summer, take a look at the diving boards on LilliPad starting at about $1,300.

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