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Low-Profile Charge

by NWY Staff

Wireless Waterproof Phone Charger

Waterproof Wireless
Phone Charger

There aren’t many phone chargers that can withstand the conditions on deck; rain, waves, and spilled drinks are aplenty on the water. If any can, it’s the Wireless Charging Range from ROKK Wireless. The charging ranges from ROKK are completely waterproof, making them safe from anything the weather can throw at them. The chargers can be installed inside or outdoors, and with an electromagnetic field generated by the charging range, you can fill up your phones battery through touch and eliminate the need for wires and cords. There are three installation options. The lowest profile is the hidden installation, which completely hides your charger under the surface of a table, counter, or helm. The surface install keeps your charger flush with the surface of your choice, and the beveled install is the simplest, with the full charger resting in plain view.

The charging pad features a non-slip surface and a two-tone color design that complements modern interiors and exteriors. They are Qi certified, which means they fit the latest wireless charging standards, and feature the ability to turn off the charger if a non-compatible phone is detected. If you’re looking to set up a seamless charging station on your boat or at home, check out the ROKK Wireless Charging Range at
fisheriessupply.com for $50.

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