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Maker’s Mark: UncommonGreen

by Eva Seelye

UncommonGreen Custom Glasses // $14.00+

UncommonGreen Seattle Glass

We all have our favorite cruising spot—whether it’s the San Juan Islands or off the coast of Mexico—and UncommonGreen (UGG) wants to etch that beloved spot into our favorite kind of keepsake: a glass. Why is it our favorite you ask? Fill it with a brew and/or our cocktail of the month, add our favorite destination to the mix, bring it aboard a boat, and we’ve got ourselves a boater’s paradise in the palm of our hands. Melodrama aside, these glasses offer an opportunity to record your greatest adventures, accomplishments, dreams, or any other special moment, allowing you the opportunity to truly grasp those experiences every day.

Founder Brian Johnson drew inspiration from his mechanical engineering, industrial design, and product development backgrounds to bring high-performance industrial materials into the home. He created UGG in 2009 with the idea to make everyday products that combine practicality and functionality with style, wit, and sustainability. The company is built on five essential qualities—creativity, ingenuity, craftsmanship, honesty, and pride. What began with an end table made of “flotsam” and a unique composite and a steel Pi Bottle Opener has evolved into something so much more! Navigate to their website to shop glassware, copper barware, flasks, tools and accessories.

Choose from a selection of etch designs including states, cities, college towns, island coastlines, airport runways, topography, gold leaf maps, math and science, history and literature, constellations, fonts, and seasonal designs. They also sell candles, mason bracket and key-holder shelves, and other unique accessories.

UCG employs U.S.-based companies, small businesses, and local artists whenever possible while striving to minimize their environmental impact by using only Earth-friendly materials. They also give a portion of their proceeds to charity. If you’d like to stop in and check them out, Seattle’s Pacific Science Center has a few for sale. Otherwise, find them at theuncommongreen.com from $14.

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