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Never Wander Wet

by NWY Staff

Wander Wet Bags // $32.00+


These water-resistant bags are designed to keep your phone, tablet, keys, wallet, and other essential items out of harm’s way. They are great for use any time you’re around water, whether on a boat, at the pool, beach, or lake.

Born out of a desire for a wet bag that worked and looked great, Wander Wet Bags come in over a dozen different prints and colors. The bags can be used to separate dry items from wet items and are perfect for stashing wet bathing suits after a trip to the beach or pool.

The attractive designs, eco-friendly manufacturing, and made-in-SoCal status are added bonuses.

The Wander Wet Bags are available in three sizes: Starfish Beach (for small items), To The Sea (medium), and Soulmates (for larger items). To get your hands on a wet bag today, head to wanderwetbags.com. Prices start at $32.

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