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by NWY Staff

Slingshot Dwarfcraft
3’6” Micro Foilboard

dwarf foil kite boardWith its minimal drag and lightweight, low-profile design, the 2019 Slingshot Micro 3’6” Board is a kiteboarding game changer. Instead of plowing through white caps that can be damaging to your knees, the Slingshot lets you ride above them for a smooth, clean ride.

Made for experienced foilers, this minimalist setup (measuring just 3’ 6” long x 17.5” wide x 1.2” thick) is thin and compact for easy traveling and features a concaved deck for agile handling with subtle movements for a responsive feel on the water. The full-length deck pad adds cushion and grip for strapless, foot hooks, or two-strap riding options, and a wide, scooped nose helps water rebound when touching down.

Below the water’s surface, Kite Riders describes the board’s bottom as “aggressively beveled” for ideal performance on edge, and thanks to the Slingshot’s signature sliding track system, riders can adjust the foil’s position to fit everyone’s ability and preference.

Last but not least, the Slingshot’s fins measure 9 centimeters by 25.4 centimeters. The package includes the Dwarf Craft Micro Board and the Foil Pedestal Mountain Hardware. Visit kiteridersllc.com to snatch a 2019 Slingshot Dwarfcraft 3’6” Micro Foilboard for all your kite riding adventures or to learn more about this new wave foiling technology. Starting price is $776. Straps and pads sold separately.

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