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No-fuss potable water system

by Norris Comer

PureWater by Forespar // $189.95

PureWaterThis ingenious potable water system for your boat made its debut last month at the Newport International Boat Show. Forespar, a leader in hardware and plumbing systems for boats, decided it was time to develop a space-saving and convenient water system. The PureWater system comes with a sleek solid brass chrome faucet – the only part of the system that is visible on the counter.

What makes this system unique is that, once installed, the filters are changed above the counter with no countertop clutter taking up valuable space. The carbon filters are good for up to 350 gallons or three months. To replace the filter, all that’s required is a quarter turn twist of the faucet, then the old filter slips out, and the system is ready for the replacement.

The PureWater system is compact and easy to install. The system comes with all the necessary parts, and a 5-micron standard carbon-block filter, without the need for mounting brackets. An optional 0.5 micron filter is available for extra purification. Save space, and feel safe knowing you are drinking clean water.

The kit is available at forespar.com for $189.95. The enhanced 0.5 filter is $42.95 or two for $69.95. A replacement 5-micron filter is $33.95 or two for $54.95.

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