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One Tough Tote

by NWY Staff

“The Last Bag” Tote Bag from eqpd // $30.00+

The people at eqpd believe that one of the ways you make a truly eco-friendly product is to make a product that never needs to be thrown away or replaced. The company, based in Washington’s Methow Valley, set out to create a bag that will last a lifetime and never end up in a landfill. The Last Bag is a tote bag that’s as durable as it gets and aims to be the last such bag you’ll ever need. It may just be the thing for the marine environment.

The bags are constructed out of vinyl-coated polyester fabric, which is often used in whitewater rafts and is known for its resilience under harsh conditions. The base and handles are made from recycled plastic, the thread is bonded nylon, and the rivets are made from black-oxidized brass and steel so they will never rust.


Jonathan Baker is the founder of eqpd and senior designer at their Twisp manufacturing location. He has 20 years of industrial design experience working as a freelance designer, and started eqpd to reflect his philosophy of honest simplicity and durable design. Baker has experience working overseas, but knew that he had to make his products locally, thus reducing their environmental impact and supporting his belief that manufacturing should be accessible.

Totes come in three sizes; single-wide, double-wide, and a log tote, sized for firewood. They come in a solid build, a mesh build that can drain water, as well as a leather tote. The company even offers a Log Tote for bundles of freshly chopped firewood. Some design styles are more urbane than others.

If you’re in the market for an eco-friendly bag, or just for a very sturdy product, check out the eqpd Last Bag tote at eqpdgear.com. The Last Bag comes in a variety of styles and colors, with a starting price of around $30.

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