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Paddle on the Light Side

by Norris Comer

Noqua Spectrum PRO SUP Lighting Kit // $399

PaddleLightPlenty of us enjoy paddleboarding and are pretty used to packing up when the sun goes down. Enter the Noqua Spectrum PRO SUP Lighting Kit, an attachable lighting system for your paddleboard so you can paddle under the stars without fear of getting clipped by an excited motorboat.

The full-board lighting system is constructed out of an advanced LED durable waterproof system and can fit on any SUP thanks to the kit’s flexible straps. Seven colors with three different lighting modes can make your night adventure feel like a maritime disco, especially as you see the attracted fauna swimming below you. The whole thing comes in a sleek travel case for easy storage and transport.

Imagine the applications for paddleboard fishing, or yoga! The Noqua Spectrum PRO SUP Lighting Kit is one of those products with some wow factor. It is available for $399 with free USA shipping from nocqua.com.

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