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Paddleboard, meet Stairmaster

by Norris Comer

Hobiecat MirageRemember when paddleboards were the oddest toys on the water? Those days are long past as Hobie unveils its Mirage Eclipse, another “world’s first watercraft” that’s likely to turn heads this summer. The Mirage Eclipse is essentially a stand-up paddleboard that traded its paddle for a pair of foot pedals and a handlebar. They come in 10-5 and 12-0 models (10’6” and 12’5” respectively) and in solar yellow and lunar blue colors. The Mirage Eclipse is constructed out of Advanced Composite Epoxy that should survive the trip in the car just fine. The aluminum alloy handlebar and sideways-oriented under-board paddles are all you need to pop onto the board to hit the water.

The larger 12-0 model is a manageable 48 lbs with available wheeled trailers. Gear tie downs will keep your odds and ends in place and the rudder kicks up to avoid catching on shallow bottoms. Additionally, the 12-0 can carry an impressive 275 lbs so the kids or the dogs can
hop aboard.

Will the Mirage Eclipse be the next big thing? Who knows, but it does make some sense to take advantage of our stronger lower bodies rather than just our arms. Additionally, a summer on one of these will make for some killer calve muscles. More information is available at hobiecat.com.

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