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Paddleboard or Partyboard?

by Norris Comer

C4 Waterman Supsquatch // $3,999

Supsquatch // Photo by Mana PhotoStand-up paddleboards are as popular as ever and a plethora of designs continue to flood the market. Most of these designs are tweaks of inflatable or rigid builds with variations in width and length for different kinds of performance. They can look and feel pretty similar and it can be easy to flip through pages of them and think, ‘Isn’t there something different? Somebody should take a chance!’

Enter the Supsquatch, an almost absurdly large inflatable stand-up paddleboard by C4 Waterman. This monster is about 16 feet long and six and a half feet wide and carries enough handrails for a small army. The material is a heavy-duty PVC vinyl that can take beatings from hordes of wild children at summer camps all season long. The whole thing weighs about 70 pounds and easily rolls up into a bundle for easy transport. Big board, small package!

The Supsquatch blurs the line between paddleboard and party raft. If you want to give it a shot, To the Back of Beyond Outfitters on Bainbridge Island rents them out by the hour. Bring a squad of your mates and pile on! The Supsquatch is available at C4 Waterman.com for $3,999 with a flat shipping rate of $50.

Photo by Mana Photo.

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