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by Norris Comer

Pawz Pet Dog Ladder // $204.00

PawzPet LadderThe pooches of the world love hitting the water as much, if not more, than we do, and playing fetch when the boat is swinging on the hook in some corner of the San Juans is one of life’s great joys. But some boats are harder than others for Fido to board, and to struggle with a wet dog over a high freeboard is a recipe for injury.

The Dog Boat Ladder from Pawz Pet Products is an excellent choice, especially for dogs suffering from arthritis or for older dogs.

The ladder attaches to the traditional human one for when the dog needs to board. The nifty little device detaches and can float in the water while humans use the ladder. The ladder is rugged and looks like it should hold up if treated with an occasional freshwater rinse.

The Dog Ladder from Pawz Pet Products is $204 from lifeco.us.

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