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Pop It, Lock It, Dock It

by Eva Seelye

ShoreMaster’s Infinity Docks // Prices Vary

Shoremaster FTS9 Docking System

Floating, piling, suspension, pipe–there are so many docks to choose from these days; and when browsing for one of your own, it could be difficult to pinpoint one that meets all your wants and needs. If this debacle resonates with you, then consider checking out ShoreMaster’s Infinity Docks. They’re made to be highly configurable and easy to own. Choose between four of their easily-installed models, each with their own specialty.

If you’re looking for something simple, durable, and easy to use, the Infinity RS4 will provide just that with a personal spin. Its highly-configurable design (as with all standing Infinity Docks) allows you to adjust the layout as you see fit. But avoid deep waters and soft bottoms, this is a moderate water depth dock.

Not only is the Infinity RS7 one of the most stable and attractive dock systems out there, it’s also the most configurable. Stick to the shallows with this one as well. Choose the standing or wheel-in design.

For more of a classic design, but still maintaining the strength, durability and configuration abilities we look for in a dock, the Infinity RS7 comes out on top. The truss dock design creates a low-maintenance, lightweight dock in a traditional sense, matching your neighbor’s classic dock look.

The Floating FTS9 offers the most versatility. Premium strength and durability and ideal for all water conditions, this floating dock features a strong truss frame, allowing a high level of stability while afloat.

Take it anywhere you would take a standing or wheel-in dock, and to places those docks can’t quite reach. Muddy and soft lake bottoms don’t require a second thought with the FTS9. Its floating nature also makes it ideal for deeper waters; again, a niche where the other ShoreMaster docks don’t compete.

The Infinity docks’ high level of stability is achieved with ShoreMaster’s 5-Sided Dock Legs® & Pocket; no tools are required to make the height modifications necessary for your location.

Everything from an umbrella holder to dock furniture is available online at shoremaster.com to accompany your dock. Using the QuickConnect™ System, accessories can be added to, removed from, or reconfigured to your dock at any time sans tools. The configurations are endless! Check out ShoreMaster for a quote and more information.

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