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by NWY Staff

P Carry Portable Electric Outboard

EP Carry Portable
Electric Outboard

Those looking to replace the old outboard motor on their ship-to-shore dinghy now have a lightweight, all-electric option from a company that’s based in the Northwest. PropEle is headquartered in North Bend, Washington, and just released the EP Carry, their lithium battery-powered motor system. The motor is intended for use with dinghies, tenders, and any small vessel under 13 feet and 600 pounds. With a simple and efficient design, the EP Carry makes quick trips from ship to shore easy and quiet.

The EP Carry is outfitted with a brushless motor that provides 220 watts of power and a water-lubricated gear system that requires zero maintenance. Design features, including a high-aspect ratio and slow-turning prop design, electronic shear pin, and protected skeg, offer safe operations on the water. The motor weighs 14 pounds, with a 7-pound battery, making the full unit just 21 pounds. Setup involves simply attaching the motor to the transom with two clamps and plugging in the battery. The EP Carry can be attached and detached in a few seconds. Low weight and simple controls allow the engine to be operated from either a seated or standing position; pilots can pull the tiller arm to lift the prop with one arm, making for easy beaching of the vessel. Three different shaft lengths are available to fit transoms from 22 inches and under.

The lithium battery provides propulsion for one to three hours, depending on the power level selected; most small boats can expect speeds of 3.5 to 4.2 knots, with a range of 3-6 miles per charge. The battery packs are interchangeable, have fast recharge times, and are covered in a buoyant case to protect them if they fall in the water.

Besides shore trips, the EP Carry can be used on small recreational vessels; attach one to a rowboat or fishing boat for effortless cruising. The quiet motor won’t startle fish or wildlife. PropEle’s founder, Joe Grez, originally developed the EP Carry to protect his family from carbon monoxide fumes from their old outboard motor. He felt the electric motor enhanced his time on the water, while eliminating the noise and fumes of gas engines. If you’re interested in an electric outboard you can carry under one arm, head to epcarry.com. Complete systems start at $1,600.

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