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by Norris Comer

JetSurf Motorized Surfboards // $12,500+

JetSurfDo you feel the need for speed? We noticed the JetSurf booth at the Seattle Boats Afloat Show, and we had to dig a little deeper. If you’re the type who loves wakeboarding but is sick of the umbilical cord to the towboat, one of these boards may just set you free. JetSurf boards are carbon fiber boards that could be mistaken for traditional wakeboards from a distance, but these have an engine included. The operator controls the craft with a small handheld device that doubles as a sort of reign to the nose of the board for control as one flies over the water.

How fast? Well, that is up to the model of your choosing. The Ultra Sport model is geared for those who are new to the sport (like most of us) and have a top speed of about 26 knots. The faster Racing Titanium design tops out at around 32 knots. The boards have a maximum load of 220 pounds to accommodate most adults. The company even touts its products’ fuel economies and their practice of planting two trees per board as ways in which JetSurf negates their carbon imprint.

Could these kinds of boards become a typical sight on the water in the near future? Time will tell. For now, the company is headquartered in the Czech Republic and the boards have yet to make a major jet-powered dealership presence onto the West Coast. More information and a dealer map is available at jetsurf.com. Starting price for the Ultra Sport board, which is recommended for beginners, is $12,500.

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