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Rowing in Style with Whitehall

by Norris Comer

Whitehall Tango 17One only has to pick up a copy of the bestselling book Boys in the Boat or watch the world-class University of Washington rowing team in action on Lake Union to realize that the Pacific Northwest is a rower’s paradise. Fortunately for us, Whitehall Rowing & Sail is a rowing, sculling, and sailing rowboat builder out of Victoria, B.C. that has been producing fine craft since 1987. The gorgeous Whitehall boats come in a few different models.

The Whitehall Spirit comes in both Solo 14 (single) and Tango 17 (double) designs, and the manufacturer claims it is the world’s first thermoformed co-polymer sculling boat. The high-gloss white, UV-proof, acrylic-coated surface fi nish is designed to keep the hull in pristine condition. “Zero lifelong maintenance” and “unsinkable” are terms used freely by Whitehall to describe their boats, and with decades of success under their belts, it’s tough to argue.

The kind of gear you put on your Whitehall depends on individual preference. Traditional rowing layouts contrast with the fancier slide seat arrangements, and beautiful sailing models are available. You can break from the classic molds altogether with the Oar Board SUP Rower that converts a standard stand-up paddleboard into a rowing machine. The Standup Rowing in Style Dory, another unique design, looks like
the darling child of a rowing dory and stand-up paddleboard.

Prices vary, but the classic Spirit Solo 14 has a base price of $7,490 and the Spirit Tango 17 goes for $10,740. Check out the whole line up at whitehallsolo.com.

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