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by NWY Staff

Under Armour Tide Chaser // $40.00 – 60.00

Tide Chaser

Specifically designed for boaters and anglers, the Under Armour; Tide Chaser shirt offers comfort, style, and practical protection. With both a long sleeve and short sleeve version, the Tide Chaser has a button-down collar and two button-down chest pockets for extra equipment. Made from woven polyester fabric that has a silky feel, a loose fit, and flexible technology for maximum stretch, the shirt wicks away sweat and moisture. The mesh vents on the shoulders and underarms also keeps the wearer cool. Anti-microbial fabric helps prevent odor, and the shirts offer 30+ SPF sun protection. Stain-resistant fabric allows for easy cleaning.

Available in a variety of colors, the long sleeve comes in white, Carolina Blue, Sol, Blue Maker, and Fresh Clay, while the short sleeve comes in Fresh Clay, Tropical Tide, Mediterranean, Lumos Lime, and Sol. If you’re looking for a shirt that looks great and functions even better, check out the Under Armour Tide Chaser shirt at underarmour.com.

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