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by NWY Staff

Brava Oven

Brava Oven

The next phase in cooking technology is here. The convection oven came first, which heats air around the food to cook it, then came the microwave oven, which heats food by heating up the atoms in the food itself, and now we have the Brava oven, which cooks food with “pure” light. The pure light used by the toaster-oven sized Brava is a mixture of visible and invisible light, known as infrared light, to heat the food directly instead of heating the air around it. Six powerful heat lamp bulbs, three on top, and three on bottom, heat up instantly and eliminate the need for pre-heating. The heat lamps can work independently from one another, meaning you can cook a steak, potatoes, and vegetables at three different temperatures at the same time. Instant heating and infrared energy mean that food cooks in a fraction of the time required by traditional ovens; shave 40 minutes off the time it takes to roast a chicken, and steak that takes 45 minutes in most ovens, takes 15 in the Brava.

A thermometer connected right to the oven monitors your meal’s internal temperature with accuracy down to a tenth of a degree, helping you determine when your food is just right. If you use the Brava app, you can reference recipes and settings for full meals and even display images from an internal camera in the oven that lets you peek at your food.

Because the oven doesn’t need to preheat and uses efficient infrared emitters, the Brava is more energy efficient than convection ovens. If you’re the kind of person who likes to be on the cutting edge, check out the Brava oven on brava.com. Ovens start at $1300.

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