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Simplicity is Key

by Norris Comer

Snap Tool Multi KeyDavid Instruments Snap-tool Multi-Key || $11.70
As time moves forward and boating gets more high-tech and complicated, it’s often refreshing to see product innovators going back to the basics. We introduce the Snap Tool Multi-Key from David Instruments, the grand prize and maintenance category winner of the 2016 third annual InNewvation Award Show from Fisheries Supply Co. This “deck plate key with attitude” is essentially a specially molded stainless steel plate that has more applications than your granddad’s Swiss Army knife.

The Snap Tool Multi-Key can tighten or loosen a deck plate, snap or unsnap canvas snaps, pull rusty zippers, cut fishing line, turn hex bolts and flathead or Phillips screws, scrape paint, remove pin shackles, and open a beer. This compact piece of steel fits in one hand, can be attached onto one’s keychain, and has no vulnerable moving parts to boot.

There’s no boasting of being “ergonomic” in the product literature, it just is. True genius is usually remarkably simple, and the award-winning Davis Instruments Snap Tool Multi-Key is a great example. The cherry on top is that it is light on the pocketbook, unlike most boating products on the shelves. At the time of this writing, you can get yours for $11.70 from Fisheries Supply Co.’s website, fisheriessupply.com.

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