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by Matilda Henry

Watershot® Waterproof Underwater Camera Housing // $269.00 – 399.00

Gill Hydrophobe JacketGet the urge to shoot something when you dive, surf, or snorkel? Grab your iPhone! You’ll also want to grab a Watershot® waterproof iPhone underwater camera housing, of course. Just like you, the Watershot® is “Built to Live in the Water,” says the manufacturer. These smartphone housings are designed to meet the conditions and challenges of repeated and continuous water submersion, yet allow the user to experience the thrills of underwater photography and videography while utilizing the capabilities of the iPhone or Galaxy camera.

Watershot®’s clamshell style housing is designed for easy phone installation, removal, and boasts a robust polycarbonate touch membrane for phone protection and full touchscreen functionality. The manufacturer incorporates optical quality glass lens ports with light baffles for improved image clarity. A threaded lens bezel allows screw-on accessory lenses and color-correction filters. The Watershot® uses gland seal technology to achieve proven waterproof robustness. Download the Watershot App to access features such as shutter, start/stop recording, image review, landscape/portrait, front or rear camera, and expanded dive features. Inside the case is a rubberized phone suspension system.

The Watershot® SPLASH (rated to 33ft/10m), Watershot® (rated to 130 ft/40-60m), and Watershot Pro® (rated to an impressive 195 ft/60m) are available in a wide range of models to fit older or the newest iPhones. There is even an iDive™ system for your iPad! Check out the manufacturer’s line of accessories to make your camera even more versatile. Housings come in a range of colors, priced at about $269.00 to $399.00. Dive into Amazon.com or shop at watershot.com.

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