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Steppin’ Up

by NWY Staff

Dan-Fender Fender2step // From $100.00

Is it a long way up or down from your dinghy or dock? Why leap when you can two-step? The Fender2step™ from Dan-Fender takes the next step with a safe and comfortable non-marring combination of inflatable fender and ladder. Use the Fender2step solo or combine multiples for even greater access to or from your topsides.


Dan-Fender says the Fender2step is made with strong marine-grade PVC integrally injection molded to solid rope holds. Each fender features a high-grade metal air valve with protective dirt/salt screw cap. The manufacturer immersion tests each fender to ensure leak-free and airtight performance. Inflate your Fender2step to 2 psi at 68˚F using a standard compressor fitted with an accessory air pistol, or use a Dan-Fender hand pump.

The maximum load for this two-step fender is 225 pounds. It’s a handy size, at 22” in length, 17.7” in width, with a hold 7” deep. It weighs just 6 pounds. Dan-Fender recommends securing your Fender2step to separate strongpoints using minimum rope size of 3/8”; never tie both sides of the product to the same strongpoint.

Guests and crew of all ages will dance onboard with a Fender2step in your choice of white, medium blue, or navy blue with black rope holds. Optional colors are black and grey fenders with rope holds in grey, blue, navy, or red. Find your step at Fisheries Supply or amazon.com from about $100.00. Who wouldn’t want to make that climb easier?

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