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Sunset Cannon – Make Some More Noise!

by Bruce Hedrick

Wow, we had no idea how popular cannon’s are with boaters until last month when the Ye Olde Cannonmaker got bombed with inquiries about the Herreshoff Saluting Cannon. Nothing like a little noisemaker to have on the boat for special occasions!

It turns out that some boaters are looking for a cannon that is a little smaller and makes just a bit less noise. Of course, Ye Olde Cannonmaker has just the thing for you in the form of the Sunset Cannon.

Originally called the Mfer, the cannon was manufactured in France for the French army and was used during World War I as a signaling device to “communicate” between the trenches and various encampments.Sunset Cannonfeature

Ye Olde Cannonmaker builds the Sunset Cannons from a brass casting. The barrel is 9-½” long and fires a 10 gauge black powder blank shell. The Sunset Cannon features a simple, yet unique, breakaway loading barrel for easy loading and reloading. The cannon come standard with a hardwood mallet and is mounted on a select hardwood base. One optional item is a hardwood case which includes a mounting rack for the shells.

The Sunset Cannon makes an ideal starting cannon for yacht clubs or a great signaling cannon for organizations and is handcrafted with pride right here in the great Pacific Northwest. As always, you can buy direct from Ye Olde Cannonmaker just by calling him at 203-779-9538. While it may be an East Coast area code, he’s actually out here on the West Coast and ships from right here in the State of Washington. We’ve tried it and we like it, a lot! Highly recommended by Northwest Yachting.

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