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by NWY Staff

Horizon Standup Paddle Board

Horizon F14 SUP

Farr Yacht Design has always made it its upmost priority to maximize aerodynamic and hydrodynamic efficiency in sailing yachts, and when the company turned to designing a stand up paddleboard (SUP), the goal remained the same. Farr’s intention was to design one of the world’s fastest 14-foot SUPs with sufficient stability so weekend warriors and elite paddlers alike can get the most out of the board. They achieved their goal with the Horizon F14 SUP.

The 14’x26.5” SUP’s sleek shape achieves incredibly low drag and provides exceptional gliding performance. The Horizon features a pointed bow that pierces waves and its rocker curve maximizes gains while wave paddling. It’s created with carbon laminate infused under vacuum in molds just like those of high-performance racing yachts. The body of the board is hollowed out with internal framing, further increasing longitudinal and torsional stiffness.

To create this highly successful SUP, Farr Yacht Designs took into account what was needed to combat big waves as well as smooth water in estuaries; stability to minimize rocking but still achieve a fast board; directional stability to find that perfect balance between a sinking bow and a high profile that could be blown off course; and maneuvering to be able to turn around buoys with ease while racing.

The Horizon F14 is built to order with a production time of approximately 21 days. Choose between Orange, Aluminum Grey, or Strong Red, or upgrade to choose from five additional board colors for approximately $180 more. More customization options include a metallic finish and a deck pad. Boards start at $4,250. Visit horizonsup.com to learn more.

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