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Tahoe Brim Sailing Hat

by NWY Staff

Tahoe Brim HatOut on the open water, a good hat is worth its weight in gold. When you’re racing and need a hat that will stay on your head, it’s worth twice that. Local sailor Krak Arntson set out to make his own sailing hat, because he couldn’t find one anywhere that fit all his needs.

He wanted a hat that would provide sun protection and stay on his head in even the windiest conditions. And while it may seem like an obvious oversight now, when Arntson Marine first started making sailing hats and apparel, almost nothing on the market would float when dropped in the water.

Working with a foam manufacturer, Arntson developed the Tahoe Brim, a hat that not only floated but also conformed to the wearer’s head and sported a flexible brim that could be easily flipped back when looking up.

Arntson Marine hats are made from 100% nylon with a water-resistant finish and a patented foam. An adjustable headband allows the wearer to make their hat as tight or loose as they’d like. The detachable chinstrap adds another layer of security.

If you’re a competitive sailor who needs an upgrade in racing headwear, or just a cruiser who could use a little more protection from the sun, head to arntsonmarine.com. Hats start at $50.

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