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by NWY Staff

Lowrance Link-6 VHF Radio // From $189.00

VHF Radio

Every vessel needs a radio; but with endless devices to choose from with various settings, colors, buttons, you name it, it can not only be pricey but also a little daunting. Lowrance’s Link-6 VHF Radio is a fantastic option on the cheaper end of the spectrum. It’s a Class D DSC-approved, waterproof, easy-to-use, and relatively inexpensive marine radio that allows for clear communication. It also comes with a new easy installation process, thanks to the front-mountable design. The startup wizard will get you going in no time. Simply enter your region, country, MMSI number, call sign, GPS source, and time offset and
you’re good to go.

If you’re ever on the water after dark, you know how critical night vision can be. The Link-6 VHF Radio’s LCD screen switches from its bright daytime black-on-white display to a white-on-black screen for the p.m., saving your sight for the buoys. This all-in-one radio includes multiple scan modes with all international channels – easily maneuverable with the rotary dial – as well as a dedicated Channel 16 key on both the attached four-button fist mic and the radio’s front panel.

The radio also comes with a bright red distress signal button on the front, but consider hooking it up to a compatible GPS receiver to relay your position if ever in distress. A bracket and gasket are both included for a flush-mount option if you so choose. Available in two colors: white or black. The Link-6 VHF Radio is currently $189.00 at lowrance.com.

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