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The Chair That’ll Outlive You

by NWY Staff

Hondo Base Camp Chair

Hondo Base Camp ChairWhat’s worse than having a chair pulled out from under you? One that collapses as soon as you make contact. Boaters on the move need a chair that’s just as durable as we are. Cue the Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair. This folding chair is the real deal; Yeti claims it’s the most durable and comfortable piece of outdoor furniture on the market.

Its 100 percent breathable fabric is built to support up to 500 pounds without sagging or losing its shape, and is locked in with a custom ever-mold for comfort and seams that won’t tear. The chair’s Diehard™ joints are solid and feature cast joints just like the ones found on a pickup truck’s door hinges. Combined with the Doublebarrel™ frame, this chair is as sturdy as it gets.

Additional bonus features, if you will, include a Hauler™ handle built into the frame for easy carrying and a Hondo cup holder that stays upright even when the chair is folded – never spill that beer again! It can accommodate everything from longneck bottles and cans to tumblers. This piece of furniture is even UV-rated. No paint chipping or disintegrating fabric here!

Pick up a Hondo Base Camp Chair for your next inter-island sail, camping trip, beach BBQ, or the like, online only at yeti.comfor $299.99.

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