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The Combo Fish Tool

by Bruce Hedrick

The Kombo tool was designed and built up in Abbotsford, BC and it’s a pretty clever device that solves a couple of nagging fishing issues. This fisherman’s multi-tool works as a fish “bonker”, a scooper, and a sharpener, and hides a high-quality stainless steel filet knife inside its plastic body, using a patent-pending locking mechanism to keep it from sliding out accidentally.

The Kombo Fish Tool works to effectively handle the sometimes difficult-but-always-necessary task of killing your catch. A strong sturdy construction provides the right tool at the right time, saving you from going on a search for a rock to take care of the dirty work.

When it comes to gutting a fish, normally you’d have a separate tool to clean out the insides. Not with Kombo. The base of the tool gives you a scooper, built right into the product and perfectly sized for scraping down the ventral side of a salmons backbone.kombo2sm

Every good fisherman needs a good fillet knife. And the Kombo comes locked and loaded. This alloy-based 7-inch, 403 Stainless Steel blade is made from general purpose heat treatable chromium steel, which is a popular cutlery grade steel. Manufactured for excellence, this blade ensures a clean cut every time.

Everyone knows that a dull knife can be just about as frustrating as having no knife at all. That’s why they built in a White Corundum Sharpening System right into the tool, allowing you to stay sharp without any extra hassle or inconvenience.

The Kombo tool floats and is available online at www.kombotool.com for only $29.95.

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