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The Designer Origami Kayak

by Eva Seelye

Oru Kayak’s Robert Lange Edition Coast XT // $2,099.00

Oru Kayak’s innovative and unique approach to kayak manufacturing applies the concepts of the ancient art of origami to their products. Origami genius Robert J. Lang is the inspiration behind Oru Kayak designs. Their third and latest creation, the Coast XT – Robert Lang Edition was born out of the “Birdwing Butterfly” pattern – one of Lang’s 160 intricate and beautiful trademark folds. This kayak is roomier and lighter than previous models, without compromising strength, making it easier to enter and exit with plenty of leg room. Three simple zipper channels slide on the center seam, sealing the sides of the kayak together – it’s as easy as that.

Robert Lange Oregami Kayak

Traditional Arctic kayaks inspired the Coast XT’s size and form, giving it superb speed capable of serious expeditions and pro-level performance. The 16’ long, 25” wide, and 34-lb kayak folds up to 33” by 12” by 29” or the size of a large portfolio or suitcase, making it easily transferrable and storable. Throw it in a trunk, closet, garage, under your bed, in a van, and perhaps the most useful, your boat. You can even check it onto planes or carry it on a hike. The corrugated polypropylene kayak is built to withstand 20,000 fold cycles, 10 years of ultraviolet radiation, and outlast contact with rocks and underwater obstacles.

Along with its entire fold pattern, its deck lines and comfortable and easily-adjustable thigh braces set this new kayak apart from others. The material is key to the lightweight and extraordinarily strong finished product. But even if something detrimental were to happen, the kayak comes with a one-year warranty. Purchase yours for $2,099.00 online at indiegogo.com and check out their other innovative products while you’re at it!

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