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The Good Kind of Tension: Tie Boss

by Eva Seelye

Tie Boss // $16.99

Tie Boss

The Tie Boss pulley hoists up almost any load with no slips thanks to its serrated jam cleat, allowing you to store almost anything up and out of the way quickly and easily. Simply tuck the rope under the lock when you’re ready to let go. Once the rope is released, Tie Boss automatically locks the load in place, maintaining the tension you created. To lower, release the one-hand lock, lightly tug the rope up out of the cleat and slowly lower your load back to Earth. Tie Boss comes with no loose parts, lessening the risk of anything breaking or jamming, and doesn’t stretch or snap back like infamous bungee cords.

The Tie Boss comes in two sizes, 1/4” and 3/8” with two durable hooks and 10” to 15” of rope. Choose between Blue, High Visibility Green, and Safety Orange online at tieboss.com for $16.99.

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