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The Keg for U

by Evin Moore

GrowlerWerks 64oz./128oz. uKegs // $199.00+

GrowlerWerks UKeg

The best possible beer drinking experience means a “fresh-from-the-tap” taste you can’t get from a bottle, can, or glass growler; it also means keeping your beer fresh and cold. A traditional growler is going to let your beer go flat and stale not long after opening, that is, unless you want to drink 64 oz. of beer in one sitting. The uKeg from GrowlerWerks is a 64 oz. or 128 oz. growler/keg hybrid that pours beer just like a keg, with all the portability of a growler.

The uKeg comes in a stainless steel, copper, or black chrome vacuum-seal body that keeps beer cold all day. The companies’ VPR cap holds a canister of food-grade CO2 and allows you to set the pressure in the canister, keeping your beer carbonated and fresh for up to two weeks. The uKeg comes apart for a quick clean and easy storage. Pick up a uKeg and take it with you on your next day on the water or camping trip to enjoy your favorite beer right from the tap. Find out more on growlerwerks.com, prices start at $199.

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