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The Smart Fishing Pole

by Bruce Hedrick

This truly is a first and for fisherman in the Pacific Northwest it is probably just about perfect. It’s a fishing pole that will tell you when you’ve got a bite. We’ve all done it, except for of course the Admiral, where you’re fishing in the pouring rain, you’ve got the tackle down on the downrigger and you duck into the cabin to get warm, grab a coffee or some soup and for just a second you’re not watching the rod. The next thing you know, you turn around and there’s a fish on and by the time you get out of the cabin, it’s gone. I hate that!Smartpolesm

The Poletap SmartRod is besides the use of carbon the most significant innovation there has been to the fishing rod in a long time. The SmartRod brings integrated accelerometer bite detection technology to a handsome and rugged two-piece medium action rig, It features a built-in sound alert and a high-out-put LED’s that activate those alarms when the line is receiving activity from the fish. The system has three sensitivity levels that will allow you to cancel out false alarms and utilizes one-button operation ensuring that this technology is kept simple.

Bite detection features are powered by two CR2032 Lithium batteries. The patented Poletap Computer Controlled Accelerometer Technology detects fish activity from inside the fishing rod and does not rely on mechanical mouse-traps or clip-on bells and whistles.

For more information just go to www.tackobox.com.

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