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Trek Light Gear Hammock

by NWY Staff

Trek Light Gear HammockBoating and hammocks go together like peanut butter and jelly. Sailors have been sleeping in them for centuries, and the hammocks are used for more than just saving space; they help combat sea sickness. It may seem counter intuitive, but hammocks help keep your center of gravity balanced, and ease your body’s sense of equilibrium. Using hammocks is a trick known by generations of sailors but is often overlooked. The Double Hammock from Trek Light has ‘Double’ in the name, but it sleeps one or two equally comfortably.

Constructed from parachute nylon, the hammock is ideal for use on boats, as the material dries out quickly after getting wet, which also prevents the buildup of mold or mildew. It’s light weight at 20 ounces and folds down to the size of a book, but is still strong enough to hold up to 400 pounds. It has a non-flip design that makes it safe for use on boats and with kids.

Trek Light Gear works with a non-profit called Trees for the Future, which will plant two fruit trees in a small village for every hammock bought. These trees are planted all over the world and become important food sources and support farmers. Head over to treklightgear.com if you’d like to get your hands on a hammock that’s great for napping on land or sea. Hammocks start at about $70.

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