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by Norris Comer

Tuff Stuff Premium Blister Protection System // $105.16+


Winter, AKA boat-project season, isn’t far off, and plenty of us have a bottom job to plan. Ingesting VOCs is responsible for all kinds of health problems and is a main reason why we wear masks when we do our own bottom jobs. The Low VOC Tuff Stuff even complies with California’s rigid Air Quality Management Board, a qualification that goes above and beyond many other paint primers. Tuff Stuff is made to provide excellent blister protection on fiberglass or as a bilge coating because of its resistance to both water and oil. This high-build, fast drying, two-part epoxy can even be used for corrosion protection on most metals below the waterline and as a primer for any metal surface. For more info email contact@seahawkpaints.com.

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