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UAV/Drone for the Marine Environment, Salt or Fresh Water.

by Bruce Hedrick

Drone over water 3It was going to happen sooner rather than later. There will be a drone coming to a yacht near you and you have to admit that this will be not only very useful but very cool. SeaHEX recently introduced their water resistant radio controlled multi–‐rotor copter to yacht owners, charter fleets, and offshore fisherman at the 2014 Palm Beach International Boat Show.

Designed by UAV/Drone specialists, Andrew Argenio and Jeremy Waltzer, with a carbon fiber body and all control systems by DJI and seaHEX, the flying prototype was showcased in Palm Beach.

The seaHEX is equipped with a GoPro Hero3 HD camera for taking spectacular aerial photos and video of marine environments. The seaHEX includes the popular Fat Shark video goggles providing the pilot with a real time “eye in the sky” view of what the GoPro camera sees.Drone over water 4 - wide

Imagine the thrill of feeling like you are soaring above your yacht. Imagine fishing and being able to spot and follow the fish through the video goggles or being able to send the drone out to find that next school of Albacore. Imagine being tied up in Roche Harbor and wondering about exactly how rough conditions might be out in the Straits? Just fire up the drone and send it out for a quick look-see.

The response at the show was dramatic from yachtsmen, offshore fisherman and from the professional photography ranks. All agreed that the waterproof and floating features of the elegantly designed seaHEX, combined with the remarkable stability of the six motor seaHEX made it a great value.

The seaHEX retails for $7,790 with everything needed for a positive and safe experience.

Each seaHEX is test flown and programmed in the factory prior to delivery. Each owner will receive it ready to fly right out of its custom case. The first UAV/Drone to

HULL INSPECTIONProvide owners with peace of mind and simplicity of operation while flying over fresh or saltwater.

According to the company, in the event of a water landing, the seaHEX will easily fly out of the water and continue on with its work. It  is recommended that the seaHEX be washed in fresh water after a saltwater landing.

Rumor has it that the seaHEX might be doing demos at the September In-The-Water-Show in Seattle. Watch these pages for more information.

The seaHEX can easily be ordered on line or via phone. www.seahex.com or 401–‐239–‐9823.

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