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by NWY Staff

NEMO – BLU3 Ultra-Portable Dive System

NEMO – BLU3 Ultra-Portable Dive System

The sea can have a powerful effect on us. Its beck and call can coerce landlubbers to its salty edge, encourage curious beings to step foot in a boat for the first time, and persuade sailors to cruise its wild ebb and flow for their entire lives. We’ve even gone so far as to find a way to breath underwater.

Now, if you haven’t tried scuba diving before because of its certification process, extensive gear requirements, or daunting deep and dark underwater dives, but still want to experience oceans, lakes, or bays from down under, give the BLU3 ultra-portable dive system a try.

NEMO is for the curious who don’t want to spend time getting dive-certified or money to purchase the gear, but still want to explore below the water’s surface. It’s a way to bridge the gap between snorkeling and scuba diving. NEMO features a custom battery-powered air compressor that
pumps air to the diver through a 10′ hose and out through their patent-pending Smart Reg™, which can keep you underwater for up to 60 minutes.

The Smart Reg™ monitors your breathing patterns to let the floating compressor know the exact moment to send air down to you so you’re not being force-fed oxygen. Flotation foam made of cross-linked polyethylene is surrounded by a bright flotation tube to remain buoyant and stabile in open water while you explore the watery depths up to 10 feet below. A dive flag sits on top of the floating compressor housing, so boaters know where you are at all times.

If you’re in a smaller setting such as a lake, feel free to remove the flotation tube; it floats just fine without it! The NEMO also comes with a comfortable dive harness, a safety training program, and a battery pack and charger.

Whether you’re treasure hunting, an underwater photographer, completing some underwater boat maintenance, or just exploring, the NEMO could help you! Its small size and lightweight design fits easily in any duffle bag (or the NEMO backpack for an extra charge) and can be stowed in tight spaces aboard your boat. With 60 minutes of underwater exploration, the opportunities are endless, and the opportunity for discovery is plentiful. NEMO isn’t quite available for purchase yet, but you can keep an eye on it at diveblu3.com.

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