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Want eLORAN? Speak Now

by Kurt Hoehne

Here’s one of those back-burner issues. The National Boating Federation is supporting a bill in Congress that would direct the Department of Defense to reboot LORAN (LOng RANge) in the form of Enhanced LORAN (eLORAN). It would serve as a land-based backup system to the all-powerful GPS system we’ve all come to know and love. For those unfamiliar with Loran, here’s the Wikipedia explanation.

Remember these?

Remember these?

The comment period ends tomorrow, May 22. To weigh in, follow this link.

Here’s the notice from the Recreational Boating Association of Washington:


Public Comment is Requested Regarding Implementation of eLoran in the U.S. in a Federal Register Notice…

The Public Comment Period Ends on Friday, May 22nd.

“The purpose of this notice is to seek comment from the public and industry regarding potential plans by the United States Government to implement an enhanced Long Range Navigation (eLoran) system as a complementary positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) capability to the Global Positioning System (GPS). The positioning, navigation, and timing performance of eLoran will vary widely depending on the number of transmitters and monitor sites for corrections that are implemented.”

For quick access to submit your comment, visit
The Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation web site.
The Foundation has set up an easy process for submitting comments and for encouraging your Congressional representatives!

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