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Dark Sky App

by NWY Staff

Dark Sky App

You can never have enough weather apps when you’re a boater; the more resources, the more accurate your predictions are and the less likely you are to launch into some bad weather. The Dark Sky app focuses on delivering weather information that’s as local to you as possible. Dark Sky purports rainfall predictions down to the minute, right where you’re standing.

Maps display both weather from days past and the predicted weather for the week and live radar allows users to watch storms move in real time. One can also gather relevant weather info at a glance with its quick current condition windows. The app will sound alerts for rain, severe weather, and other custom alerts that you set up. Current temperature data can be added to your phone’s status bar for quick access.

If you’d like to add another weather app to your arsenal, check out the Dark Sky app, free for Android with in-app purchases and $3.99 for iOS.

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