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Wooly Chafe Guard for Fenders and Mooring Lines

by Bruce Hedrick

I know that we harp on this, however chafe is a real problem and the mooring lines and fender lines aren’t getting any cheaper so why not stay one step ahead of the problem? The Wooly was manufactured to prevent fender and dock lines from scuffing paint or gel coat finishes on yachts. As with all Chafe-Pro® products, the Wooly is designed to withstand the harshest of marine environments, as they are made from the highest quality New Zealand sheep skins. Installing in the same quick and easy fashion as all of the Chafe-Pro products, the Wooly can be installed or removed from a line in a matter of seconds. Don’t worry about slipping out of place, theWooly binds securely to the line. Designed to match the elegance of the yachts it protects, the Wooly ensures that your yacht will have that “ship shape” look!  And, unlike other types of fluffy chafing gear made from woven fabric, the Wooly will not trap sand or grit within it!Chafe-Pro-Black-Fluffy-Photos-on-MY-Thirteen-010

The Wooly fits lines 3/8” – 1½” in diameter. Custom units are also available.  The Wooly comes in two different colors – white and black.

Although the Chafe-Pro® Wooly has been designed to withstand the harsh marine environments, please read and follow the care instructions to avoid potential color loss and to help extend the life. Remove all Woolys from the lines prior to cleaning the yacht with cleaning agents or chemicals to avoid agents coming in contact with the Wooly.  It is important to make sure the lines have been washed clean of any agent prior to reinstalling the Woolys on the lines in the desired locations.  Failure to do so may result in the agents slowly breaking down the tensile strength or cause discoloration in your lines.

Should a Wooly come in contact with a cleaning agent or chemical, simply remove the Wooly from the line and submerge in cool or tepid water.  Use your hands to gently massage the chemicals out of the wool.  TheWooly is machine washable as well, simply load into your washer and select the Rinse & Spin cycle.  After washing the Wooly lay it flat to dry and keep out of direct sunlight.  Once the Wooly has dried, they recommend applying the Chafe-Pro® Wooly® Conditioner to the leather.  This will help keep the leather soft and permeable and extend the life of your Wooly.


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