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by Evin Moore

Rite-in-the-Rain Notebooks // $3.95

Rite in the Rain Notebook

Rite in the Rain is a Tacoma-based company that has been making water- and weather-proof paper products for over a century. Founded by entrepreneur Jerry Darling in 1916, the water proof paper he produced has changed little since then with only a few substitutions for less harsh chemicals. Rite in the Rain has expanded since 1916 to provide specialized documents for dozens of industries, from police, paramedics, and military to mountain climbers and coaches. But no one is exposed to more water, rain, and spray than boaters and anglers. All elements of the notebooks are totally recyclable, unlike other water proof writing options, like poly coated paper.

The ink used is soy based and the liquids used in the manufacturing process are recyclable. These notebooks are natural captain’s logs or notepads to records your catches. Think about picking up something from Rite in the Rain so you can make a vital note in any conditions. Notebooks start from $3.95, find out more at riteintherain.com.


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