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by NWY Staff

HydroHoist HP Extreme

HydroHoist HP ExtremeIf your dock is subjected to sandy low tides or you like to keep your personal watercraft (PWC) safe, secure, and protected but still water-bound, you may want to check out the HydroHoist HP Extreme™. Ideal for one-, two-, and three-seat personal water crafts (PWC), this fully roller-supported boat lift makes docking and launching quick, easy, and convenient.

The HP Extreme is complete with CNC molds, an “Air-Pillow” bow stop, 14 adjustable 5” by 2” rollers for any-sized vessel (within reason) and stainless-steel roller axles to accommodate fresh, brackish, or salt waters. The design is made to handle environments from alpine lakes to the coast. The exclusive bow pumper helps to slow down your PWC and supports your keel when docking. Its polyethylene with Expanded Polystyrene Marine foam results in a tough and durable design. At 13’6” long, 4’10” wide, and 11” thick, this 390-pound platform can house vessels up to 1,625 pounds. Small craft from jetskis to dinghies should be right at home.

The HP Extreme offers a universal mount for floating or fixed docks, or floating-dock-specific hardware for your front- or side-mounting preferences. Choose between two colors: Blue or Tan. If you’re looking for a simple docking solution, a HydroHoist HP Extreme may be in your future. Contact sales1@boatlift.com for a quote or visit boatlift.com for their full selection of boat lifts.

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