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by NWY Staff

Nautical Cleat Serving Boards

Nautical Cleat Serving Boards

Nothing adds panache to a delectable appetizer like a tasteful serving board. The Double-Cleat Serving Board’s sleek and sturdy design by Soundview Millworks would be a terrific addition to any galley. Soundview Millworks uses high-quality maple and mahogany wood, known for tight grain pattern and durability, for their long-lasting handmade creations.

You can’t go wrong with natural wood in the Pacific Northwest, and the 5” cleats add a nautical touch — one aspect that will never go out of style on the water. At 7 ¾” by 20”, this serving board is meant to optimize space in tight areas. You can choose to customize your Nautical Cleat Serving Board with a laser-engraved vessel name, a compass rose, or whatever cutting surface design you’d like.

Soundview Millworks’ pieces are all USA-made and are only shipped after they’re carefully inspected for any minor scratches or imperfections. Their production and finishing processes are fine-tuned. The first step is to create an initial design out of American maple and Santos mahogany, then the board is dampened to raise the grain pattern. Once dried, it’s sanded and three coats of mineral oil are applied to the board, fully saturating the pores and protecting the board from staining, moisture, bacteria, etc. To care for your serving board, Kinto recommends keeping it coated with mineral oil, or if you’re truly dedicated, beeswax. The wax helps to keep the board’s pores sealed while giving off a natural luster. The rule of thumb is: if it looks dry, coat on the oil. Avoid vegetable and olive oils.

Lastly, Soundview Millworks says to never put your board in the dishwasher. Simply wipe with soap and water to clean and towel dry after washing. If staining occurs, use lemon and salt. Store in a dry place.

Other water-inspired designs are available if you’re not the biggest cleat fan. If you’re more about the fishing scene, choose their fish handle design. A fan of whales? They have whale handles too! Multiple designs with various handles are available online at soundviewmillworks.com from $70.

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