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App Spotlight: January 2017

by Norris Comer

Hooked appHooked and Loving It || Free on iOs & Android

If your fishing buddies have stopped believing your big fish stories, the GoFree Hooked app could be the way to put them in their place. This app allows you to log fish-catch details and photos, as well as mark up interactive maps with pins of where you had luck. The data you save can even be uploaded onto a compatible Lowrance or Simrad chartplotter. What’s more, you can challenge your friends to live, leader board-style fishing tournaments to satisfying that competitive urge. If you and your buddies are hooked on fishing, the GoFree Hooked app is worth a gander. Available in iOS and Android, free.

SignalFlags toolWhat’s that flag? || $2.00 on iOs & Android

Are you sick of pretending what that International Signal Flag means? Refresh your maritime signal flag knowledge with SignalFlags Tool app, and impress your friends at sea or on land with your skills. The SignalFlags Tool app is a quick and easy way to learn how to understand the meanings of individual flags as well as how to read flags in the context of a multi-flag message. The details page for each flag gives its phonetic name and includes the international pronunciation and the associated International Morse Code. The app adjusts to fit any screen size, has an animated help function to assist even the least tech-savvy, and is available in both English and German. The SignalFlags Tool app is available on all smartphones and tablets with iOS or Android for $2.

Mister Know it all || $.99 on iOs

Do you have a friend who doesn’t know port from starboard? If you’re new to the salt life, or just want to impress your more nautical friends with your knowledge, check out Nautical Terms, a comprehensive sailing, boating, and marine glossary by substatica. This app works with or without an internet connection, making it easy to access whether you’re out on the water or just curled up on the couch watching Master and Commander. This app is currently available for Apple products only—sorry Android users—and can be used for iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad. Get it from the App Store for just $0.99.

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