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Wichard Knives

by Norris Comer

Wichard KnivesSometimes on the water, you just want a knife. Not a fancy multi-tool or Inspector Gadget gizmo, just a knife with maybe a marlinspike or shackler. Wichard may have the kind of knife you’re looking for in their line of sailing-oriented knives with an emphasis on practicality, simplicity, and durability. Do you really need a magnifying glass on your knife? C’mon. Wichard’s offshore sailing knives come in serrated and plain short blades with the purpose of getting through that snagged line fast. Optional shackler and marlinspike additions are offered as well from the manufacturer. If interested, Fisheries Supply carries a few Wichard knives in the $35 range. They are available for your browsing at fisheriessupply.com.

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