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by Lara Roche-Sudar

Atom Never Dark Watch || $350.00-$400.00

watchThe new Atom watch from Reactor is an innovative take on the classic field watch from the company that claims to have the best performance sport watch on the market today. The Atom watch features Never Dark technology, which illuminates the watch face so you can read the time no matter what the lighting is like outside—perfect for those perpetually cloudy, gray Seattle days. With a 42-millimeter-diameter face, the Atom is easy to read and designed to be durable enough for all your outdoor activities.

The Atom comes in two sizes, one for men and one for women, and both size options are available in multiple color palettes: white, smoke, and tusk (it’s an off-white) for the men’s watch. The women’s watch features more color variety in the version without Never Dark. The men’s watch goes for $300 and the women’s is $350-$400 for the regular Atom, and $400 for the Never Dark. All styles of the Atom watch can be purchased on reactorwatch.com.

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