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by Lara Roche-Sudar

Seattle E BikeGoCycle G3 Electric Bike || $4,499.00
Some may be wondering what a bicycle is doing in a boating magazine, but we promise there are good reasons. Not only does local company Seattle E-Bike offer an extensive line of electric bikes, but owner and boater Brian Nordwall has designed his top-of-the-line foldable bikes with the cruising lifestyle in mind. Nordwall holds a U.S. Coast Guard 100-Ton Master License, and is very proud of his bespoke sail assisted adventure motor cruiser, Peregrine, built in Port Townsend. As a cruiser, he always seeks to maximize his range of exploration at every port of call, and his affinity for bicycles got him thinking. You may have guessed where we’re going with this if you saw the Seattle E-Bike booth at the recent Seattle Boat Show, where the foldable and boat friendly GoCycle G3 model was featured.

The GoCycle G3 is designed to fit through a 30-inch square hatch, and is light enough to easily carry at 35.9 pounds. This is a powerful, portable package, complete with 22-volt battery and a top speed of 25 miles per hour. Many boating destinations have amazing experiences a mere four or five miles away, an awkward distance to walk, but a cinch for a GoCycle G3. Seattle E-Bike also services every transportation device that they sell, as well as providing service for regular, non-electric bikes.

If you are looking for a folding bike and are not sure what kind of e-bike you’re looking for, the Seattle E-Bike company offers the opportunity to test ride during their weekly Saturday morning rides, departing at 0800 hours from the Seattle E-Bike store. The ride goes down to Pike Place Market where cyclists can have a nice breakfast and explore before heading back. The route changes slightly every time, so frequent participants shouldn’t get bored.

What’s more, the company’s full line of electric transportation devices includes bicycles, stand-up scooters, skateboards, motorcycles, tricycles, and cargo bikes. With more than 20 styles to choose from, there’s probably a Seattle E-Bike for just about anyone. They have sleek, racing-style models to the classy cruiser variety. There’s even a line of e-bikes for kids. If you already own a non-electric bike that you’re particularly fond of, you can also bring your bike in to Seattle E-Bike and have a mid-drive motor installed, thereby transforming your bicycle into an e-bike. The cost of installation ranges from $1,645 to $2,145 (tax not included) depending on the wattage you want for the motor. The standard variety can be mounted on most existing bicycles, and features a 350 watt-rated motor that reportedly provides up to 650 watts of peak power.

Prices vary, the foldable, boat-friendly GoCycle G3 is $4,499.99. If interested in the GoCycle G3 foldable bike or other Seattle E-Bike products, you can check out their store at 570 1st Ave S in Seattle, WA, or visit the website at electricbikeseattle.com for more information and specs.

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