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Bad Air Sponge

by NWY Staff
Bad Air Sponge

Bad Air Sponge

As the season gets underway, plenty of boaters are throwing open hatches and getting blasted by musty air that’s been stagnant for months at a time. It’s no surprise that your vessel doesn’t smell like roses, but what do you do if odors linger even after airing everything out? Boats can be breeding grounds for ripe smells with areas like the bilge, head, and upholstery being the main culprits. The Bad Air Sponge is an odor remover that uses a blue gel to absorb the molecules that cause these stinks. It works by removing the smell, not by covering it up with another fragrance.

Placing one of the sponges in the bilge can absorb the smell of standing water and fuel, and a sponge in the cabin can absorb the smell of cigars, cooking, fish, or holding tanks. A pair of Bad Air Sponges with one placed in the head and the other in an open area like the galley is the most common arrangement. The wet marine environment makes boats extra vulnerable to mold and mildew; the Bad Air Sponge absorbs the mold spores that cause musty odors and allergies, leaving the air on your boat cleaner and healthier.

The sponge is made of natural and non-toxic materials and has a life span of 30 to 120 days depending on the environment. They can be kept in their jars to increase longevity or taken out and placed in the open air for maximum effectiveness.

Check out the Bad Air Sponge on The Bad Air Sponge, priced at about $20.

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