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Here’s a list of boating apps by freelance writer Ally Mann. What are your favorites? Scroll down to “Comments” and share!

By Ally Mann

Cell phones can be both a blessing and a curse. You get out on the water, surrounded by nothing but blue waves just to escape the constant buzz and dings coming from your phone. But sometimes keeping it around on the boat can be useful. Here’s 8 of the most helpful apps for boating.

iKnots makes it easy to learn or practice your knot tying. They provide clear directions and animations to follow to brush up your knot tying skills. It also gives great descriptions about when each knot is most useful. This is one of my favorites for when I get bored and want something to do.

The app is constantly updated with the NOAA’s data servers to provide the latest maps. You can also easily toggle between the maps and Google Earth images to get a clear idea of where you’re going. You can add weather layers to give you up to date weather information for the area you are in. The GPS services are also available offline which is great when you are on the water with limited data services.

NOAA Buoy Data Reader-
The Buoy reader provides information gathered from buoys that you can search by name or by location. The buoys provide information about wind speed, direction and gusts, pressure, and tide predictions. The app also has moon phase information.

Phones are becoming more and more useful, and prevalent, on boats.

Phones are becoming more and more useful, and prevalent, on boats.

Boating Suite-
Boating Suite offers a single interface for every kind of log you could need for your boat. There is a log book, a fuel log, espense log, maintenance log, vessel log, shopping list, to do list, and reports. Since we all know how important boat maintenance is, keeping track of it is the key to success or failure. The app makes it easy to keep all of your boat information in one handy location.

Ship Finder-
Ship Finder shows real time information about ships on a worldwide map. You can view information, include photos, about the ships by clicking on a ship. This makes it easy to see what ships are around and keep track of friends or family that are on the water.

Swell Advantage-
This app allows you to see the location of friends and family out on the water making it easier to meet up and enjoy a day on your boats. the app also hides your location while you are on land. Swell Advantage also contributes a small portion of their revenue to marine conservation efforts.

Windguru app is a great extension to the Windguru website. They offer detailed information about weather forecasts. The app could be overwhelming for those unfamiliar with it, but if you’re looking for advanced information about wind and weather this app is for you.

SailingApp is the ultimate sailor companion. It offers tons of tools specific to sailing. The content is updated all the time making it an enjoyable app both on and off the water.

Navionics gives you access to some of the most detailed charts. It will allow you to track your  journey, view speed, distance, time and COG. You can also create and edit routes that take into consideration speed and fuel consumption making it pretty helpful for longer trips.

The USCG App offers a lot of safety features helpful to boaters. The app makes it easy to file a float plan with a friend or family member. A float plan is a pretty general safety tip and something everyone should file before a boating trip. It also features  an Emergency Assistance button which, when activated, will call the closest Coast Guard command center.


Wind Alert-
Wind ALert offers a great way to keep track of the forecast in your area. It gives real time alerts from thousands of weather stations. It is a great app to ensure you don’t get stuck in an unsuspecting storm.


Marine Traffic-
Everyone needs an AIS app to keep track of other boats on the water. Prevent collisions or find a secluded area, the Marine Traffic app makes it easy.

Who needs an old fashioned barometer when you can just keep an app on your phone? This app makes it easy to check the barometric pressure wherever you are and throughout the day. Use it to help you predict the weather and avoid poor conditions.

These are just a few of the hundreds of apps available to boaters. If you have a need, chances are, there’s an app for that. What apps do you use while on the high seas?

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